Day 9 of 12 Days of Self-Love: Get Upside-down


Today is day 9 or our 12 Days of Self-Love Challenge, and today we are going for a new perspective: get upside-down.

Going upside-down doesn’t always mean going into a crazy-challenging inversion, you can do anything that allows your head to get below your heart or legs. The yoga pose downward facing dog is actually an inversion, even though many people don’t think of it as such.

My all-time favorite inversion has to be legs up the wall. Simply sit on the floor at the edge of the wall, and swing your legs up so your body makes an L-shape, with your legs resting on the wall (see picture above). You can allow your arms to rest by your sides, or you can place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Stay here as long as you like, allowing yourself some rest and relaxation. Inverting is detoxifying and also encourages blood that might be stuck in your legs to make its way back up to your heart and your lungs to refill with oxygen.

However you choose to do it, take some time to go upside-down.

with love,



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