What a flight attendant taught me about using our gifts.


I have been doing quite a bit of travel lately. This past weekend, as I was riding up north to take some engagement pictures, something kind of special happened on the plane.

Sometime before reaching our final destination, one of the flight attendants took the mic and started singing L-O-V-E. At first I thought maybe we would witness an on-flight proposal, but when that didn’t happen I realized this flight attendant was simply sharing his gift for song with the entire airplane. It was a short flight, but this man gifted us with two beautiful songs. Since I am currently searching for a new job in my new city, it made me realize something: you can share your unique gifts no matter what you are doing. I’ve been on a lot of flights, and have never had a flight attendant perform songs. It’s not something required of the job, it’s just something that man had the courage to share. You simply have to be brave, own your truth, and commit to sharing your gifts.

With love,



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