Why simplifying isn’t just about the stuff


This past year I have written a lot about  minimizing and getting rid of things. Which is really important, because I really do think there is something to the concept of outer order, inner peace. And, frankly, it’s really easy to accumulate things over time. Even after going through and getting rid of a bunch of things over the course of a weekend or month, you still need to continuously reevaluate what is meaningful, useful, and adds value to your life. If you aren’t regularly going through and getting rid of the excess, you are going to keep accumulating.

Once you are able to establish a system that allows you to continuously re-evaluate your things, whether it means having a donation bag that you add clothes that don’t fit well, or if you go through your things every few months, then you may notice there are other areas that need simplification that’s not just about the stuff. Because while clearing out the stuff is important, giving yourself the time and space to reflect on your values is more important. Instead of the time you used to spend shopping, you can spend time doing something that is really meaningful whether it be writing or working out or hiking or spending time with people you love. You can re-evaluate how you use your most precious of resources, like your time, and add more energy to things that matter over the long hall like health and relationships. You may notice the amount of time you spend online, and find ways to simplify that. You may want to delete apps from your phone that end up taking too much of your time and energy.

You can spend less time buying, storing, and organizing stuff, and instead use that time toward things that really matter.

With love,



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