5 Podcasts to Add to Your Que


Podcasts have been a big favorite of mine for a while now. They provide comfort when I’m at home, inspire me to think in new ways, help connect me to current events, and provide entertainment. I originally started listening to only health and wellness related podcasts, which I still love, but have branched out this past year to news/politics, and comedy pods as well. I hope you enjoy!

Personal Development Podcasts

The Minimalists Podcast

Even the theme-song of this podcast provides inspiration!  I enjoy the long-form thoughtful conversations between Josh & Ryan, and their continual inspiration to live a more meaningful life with less.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

The author of The Happiness Project hosts this podcast alongside her sister, and together they offer practical tips and advice on how to add more happiness to every day life.

The RobCast

Rob Bell has a delightful and easy-going style, and offers long conversations about life, love, and spirituality. I find little bits of inspiration and wisdom in pretty much every episode of this podcast.

*I especially recommend the seasons episode of The Robcast.

News/Political Podcasts

The Daily

This podcast comes from The New York Times, and provides a 20 minute overview of the days news. I have learned so much by listening to this podcast, and love adding it to my morning routine.

Pod Save America

I found this podcast just after the election and continue to listen to the pod because it makes me laugh, inspires me to act, and provides perspective on current events in America and beyond.

I would love to hear what podcasts you’ve been loving lately?

With love,



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