Inspiration is Everywhere

There are cycles of our lives where we fluctuate between creating and consuming. When I say consuming here, I mean taking in information in the form of:  reading books, listening to podcasts, admiring the beauty in another’s work, spending time in nature. While we don’t always want to be consumers, as we all have important things we can be creating and adding to that larger beauty in the world, it’s also okay to consume. It’s okay to seek out inspiration.

I love the quote from Jordan Bach, “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. It’s more effective to build the world you want than to destroy the one you don’t.”

When we can stop focusing on all the things we dislike, and instead begin to focus on the things we are inspired by not only will our life feel more pleasant, it will also help inspire you to create something beautiful. What we admire in another’s work is also what we have within ourselves.  When you feel stagnant in your creativity, go back to what lights you up. I know one of the best ways to help me feel inspired is to try something new or do something out of my comfort zone.

I also find inspiration from yoga classes (and the brilliant yoga teachers behind those classes), podcasts, and spending time in nature. Sometimes I find inspiration in stillness, in meditation, and sometimes I find it when I’m having a deep conversation with people I admire.

The point is, when you are open to viewing everything around you as inspiring, you are probably going to be inspired.

What is inspiring you this week?

With love,



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