Thoughts About Simplifying


I used to look at empty spaces and feel that they were cold and unwelcoming. I wanted to fill the space, even if I were filling it with things that I didn’t enjoy. Now that I’ve gone through a number of cleaning sprees, I feel so grateful for the simplicity of my space and the things that occupy it. I know that the things  I have add value or serve a purpose, and they are not just taking up space. Maybe the purpose is that they are enjoyable to look at, or that they brighten my space. Or maybe they are books I read, or tools I use in my daily life.

After the 30-day Minimalism Game, I have noticed a number of benefits I wasn’t expecting from minimizing. Things naturally look cleaner, since I have gone through and cleaned out  the excess from all of my drawers,  which has also made it easier  to find things,  and to pick out what I’m going to wear. (Sometimes having too many options just isn’t that helpful, it can, instead, be quite overwhelming.) I have also noticed that in becoming intentional about the space around me, has also encouraged me to more intentional with all aspects of my life. Being intentional with my things has also led to being more intentional about I am spending my time, or my money, and my values.

What are you appreciating this week?

With love,


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  1. I’m appreciating two clean, clear, beautiful walls in my living room. I considered having custom shelves made for these “empty” spots..but the thought of collecting stuff to put on those shelves made me say- NO WAY! I love the streamlined, uncluttered life.. it’s easy on the eyes, the nerves and there’s less to dust!


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