They say the way you spend your days is a reflection of your priorities. What you are willing to invest your time into shows what matters most to you. Sometimes these priorities have been built intentionally, like intentionally carving out an hour to practice yoga or go for a run, and sometimes things have mindlessly become routine. Like spending an hour accidentally scrolling through social media, when instead you could have read or volunteered or cooked something delicious, or whatever it is you love.

This week my goal is to be more mindful of the ways I am spending my time. I want to continue to prioritize my at-home yoga practice, and to make my daily meditation practice a priority.

Priorities don’t have to be too serious, either. Maybe your priority is to have more fun, to spend more quality time with the people you love, to get outside more frequently, to play an instrument or to learn a new language. Maybe your priorities is to make a habit of practicing self-love. Whatever it is, make this week the time that you move forward with it.

Ask yourself the question: what are your priorities? If the answer doesn’t come easily, meditate, journal, and reflect on what means the most to you.

With love,



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