2 Weeks of Minimalism


Today marks day 15 of playing The Minimalism Game, which means I have let go of 120 amount of excess stuff these past two weeks. I have been sharing this journey over on my instagram page, and have loved watching so many people join in!

Even though I really didn’t feel I had a lot of stuff to begin with, these past few weeks have helped to show me the importance of re-evaluating things. Just doing one big purge of excess stuff isn’t going to keep excess stuff from slowly creeping there way back into your life. Taking time to constantly reevaluate what does and doesn’t add value helps to keep your things (and space) under control. This time around I have also found it to be a bit easier to let go of things that I previously didn’t feel ready to let go of (the hardest things for me have been gifts).

Since I am doing this shedding of excess stuff as a daily practice this month, I have found it inspiring to keep a cleaner space and to stay mindful about bringing in extra things.  I have also noticed that the more I am able to let go of things that I have just been holding onto, the less attached to stuff in general I become. Getting rid of things (even small things from the nooks and crannies of my makeup bag) has brought an energetic shift in the space around me. It feels more open and inviting, rather than weighed down with excess stuff.

If you are interested in learning more about the Minimalists lifestyle, I read a few wonderful blogs/essays this week that might also add value to your life:

What has been adding value to your week?



  1. Nadine and I are in. We are both getting rid of stuff for the lent season. I’m a little older than you, and I find little things I have saved for over twenty years. Some things I kept just because I had them for a long time. Oh the irony. Feels good to let go.


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