30 Day Minimalism Game


If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I started to play “The 30-Day Minimalism Game” this past week. How the game works is that every day you get rid of a certain number of things: so you get rid of one thing on day 1, two things on day 2, three things on day 3, etc. You can learn the rules about the game/meet the inspiration behind it at www.theminimalists.com/game.

One week into this game means I have shed 28 excess things from my life. At the end of 30 days, it will add up to 465 total items that will be donated, recycled, or thrown out. I don’t have a whole lot of stuff to begin with, since I have been moving a lot these past few years. Still, I have been amazed that every day I have found a few extra things that I can get rid of.

It’s been a nice practice to spend a few minutes every day clearing out space. I wasn’t sure if I would like decluttering over the course of 30 days, since in the past I have always done it all in a day or a weekend. However, just one week in and I feel like it has helped create more intentionality into how I interact with “stuff.” It has me constantly asking the question: does this add value to my life, or does it serve a purpose? If the answer is no, it gets donated. Along with helping to get clear the purpose of the items I have, it has caused me to not want to bring additional items in. Will this item add value to my life? Is it something that I will want to pack away with me on my next move? If the answer is no, it means I get to save a little extra money in not bringing it into my life.

Do you have any extra items you could let go of this week? Or do you want to join me in playing The 30-Day Minimalism Game (or #MinsGame)?

With love,



  1. What an inspiration this is! I am doing a Happiness Project, something suggested in your blog last year, and Balance is next month’s topic. This will be a great way to help me declutter. Thank you!


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