5 Ways to Calm Everyday Work Stress


Everyone knows that stress can wreak a lot of damage on both our health and happiness. Our bodies were not designed to be in a constant state of stress, they were designed to have regular periods to rest and recharge. Finding ways to offer rest and respite, even during busy days, can also help keep life outside of work more balanced.

Since work can be a major source of stress, here are five ways to help calm everyday work stress:

1). Meditate.

Meditation is a great way to move your central nervous system away from the stress response. You can do this simply by tuning into your breath, and allow a few moments without external stimulus. Sometimes if I have a particularly stressful day of work ahead, I like to take a few minutes at my desk with my eyes closed to focus on my breath. I have other friends who like to meditate during their lunch break, and it is always great to have a regular morning/evening meditation practice at home. However you choose to meditate, know that even short periods of tuning into your breath can make a big difference.

2). Go for a walk during your lunch break.

If you find yourself sitting a lot inside, use your lunch break to sneak out and get some sunshine. Getting a quick walk in can also help rest your brain from staring at screens, and instead allow some time for wonder and creativity.

3). Add herbal tea to your drink mix.

Sometimes coffee can only add to the jitters, so if you feel overly stressed give your body a break by switching to herbal tea. Peppermint tea is a great choice in the afternoon if you  are looking for a sweet pick-me-up, but don’t want to reach for the caffeine. Lavender tea is great at helping to calm stress, as long as it won’t put you to sleep.

4). Make a gratitude list specific to your job.

Take a few minutes when you get to work or just before you leave to go home to write out a few things down that you are grateful for about your work. This will help train your brain to seek out more of the good about your job, so you won’t feel overwhelmed with things you dislike.

5). Find an organization method and stick with it.

Using a bullet journal was super helpful for me to not have millions of post-it notes around my desk. Whatever system works for you, take a few minutes in the morning to write out your to-do for the day. Whatever your biggest task is, try and complete it before 10 am. Then, at the end of your day take a few minutes to write out what you need to do the next day. Having a reliable system, order, and accomplishing your big tasks first can help make the work day less chaotic.

What are your tips to help calm everyday work stress?

With love,



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