7 Ways to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to keep up a Self-Love practice. Learning to practice Self-Love helps to build confidence and stop negative thought patterns.It’s easy to spend most of your time critiquing yourself, replaying negative or embarrassing moments, or wishing you were more like someone else. What if instead of wasting your time beating yourself up, you learned how to embrace and love yourself exactly as you are, in this moment?

Here are 10 Ways to Practice Self-Love:

1). Slow Down! Whether you take a vacation, spend a quiet weekend mostly to yourself, or   you just spend five minutes in meditation, slowing down is a great way to show yourself kindness. Our world can move at a pretty fast paced, and constant stress is not only bad for our brain–it literally makes us sick. Taking intentional time to slow down helps to rest your mind, body, and spirit, and will leave you more ready to serve the world around you.

2). Take a bath. Let steamy water and beautiful scents melt away any leftover stress.

3). Spend a weekend off social media. Use the time you typically spend there to calm your mind, spend time with people you love, and become more present.

4). Surround yourself with pretty things. Maybe you love flowers, paintings, or pictures of people and places you love. Having beauty around can help remind you to slow down, and can make you feel like the moment is just a little bit more special.

5). Take yourself on a date: whether you like to spend time reading at your favorite cafe, or you prefer to take yourself to the movies, do something you love simply because you enjoy it.

6). Start a gratitude journal. If you struggle with body image I highly encourage you to also write a gratitude list for your body and recognize all that it does for you. Gratitude is powerful medicine that can turn what you have into enough. Studies show that people who keep gratitude journals improve their longterm happiness more than winning the lottery.

7). Make a list of things that you enjoy/make you happy. Then take this list and fill these items into to your daily/weekly/monthly schedule. Find ways to brighten up even long workdays so that you constantly show yourself you are worthy of feeling happy and loved.

What are your ways to practice self-love? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,



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