Clearing Space


When I teach yoga, I talk a lot about finding space in poses and in breath. It’s a frequent theme in my classes, because it is something I feel is important to create in oneself. There are a lot of things that can crowd up our space: other people, work, schedules, clutter, worry, negative thoughts, bills, walls, etc. While different people react in different ways to physical, mental, and emotional space, more often than not extra space is something everyone can benefit from.

I wanted to share 10 ways to create extra space this week:

1). Get rid of physical clutter by letting go of clothes you no longer like or use–donate it to a charity or try and make a few extra bucks at a consignment shop.

2).Clear out a room, drawer, or corner of your house. This place can be a sanctuary if you find the rest of your house cluttered or crowded. Use this space to remind yourself how blissful it fills to have extra space.

3). Take three deep breathes. Let your inhales fill your lungs, chest, and belly. Use your exhales to release any extra tension, or anything that is not serving you.

4). Meditate. You can sit still for 2 minutes or 20 minutes, and still receive vast benefits of making space in your time, schedule, and mind.

5). Reevaluate your schedule and habits. Maybe you don’t need to spend 20 minutes in the morning doing your hair–instead you can meditate. Or maybe you hate listening to the radio on your commute–and instead you can drive in silence or to a podcast you really love. Find ways that you can make space by letting go of something that doesn’t really matter to you, and using that time for something more meaningful.

6). Find quiet. If you always turn on the TV or radio at home, see what it feels like, instead, to simply enjoy some peace and quiet.

7). Organize your drawers, so that when you look into them you can see everything and you won’t have to dig around. Using the Marie Kondo method of folding most of my clothes has made my drawers so much more pleasant to look at, and so much easier to find what I’m looking for.

8). Pick out your clothes the night before so you don’t spend your whole morning trying to figure out what to wear.

9). Take a walk during your lunch break.

10). Make a gratitude list. Use this practice as a way to make space mentally by letting go of  “not enough” thoughts and instead saying,”more please” to the things in life you love. Gratitude also helps put into perspective that your life probably has more good in it than bad.

What ways can you make extra space in your life this week?

With love,



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