If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, addicted to the news, or paralyzed with over-information–you’re not alone. There is a lot of noise being thrust at all of us lately. Whether or not you are seeking opinions, hopes, hates, dreams, all of these continue to come from different angles. It can get really easy to become overwhelmed, and addicted to all the drama.

It’s not that awareness of what’s going on is a problem. The issue here is the abundance of constant information, so much noise that it can be hard to find peace. Finding time throughout each day to find quiet when you’re feeling overwhelmed is imperative. There is something really powerful about being able to tune inward and be able to sit with your own thoughts.

Some ideas for finding quiet in the midst of chaos:

-Get to water: sitting next to oceans, rivers, ponds, or even taking a bath to get a dose of healing. Water, especially salty water, has a way of recharging or neutralizing energy.

-Take a yin or restorative yoga class: these gentle, calming yoga classes offer an intentional space to slow down and tune inward.

-Turn off the noise in your car: drive in silence rather than listening to music, the radio, or anything else.

-Limit social media: A tip from the minimalists is to only check social media once a day, and don’t scroll. Another tip is to limit days or times that you go on social media so you’re not constantly inundated with information. Think of weekends or specific days/hours as a dedicated “social media cleanse.”

-Seek out more silence than usual. Do this by limiting excess stimuli such as listening to podcasts, music, TV, etc. when you’re at home and could enjoy silence instead.

-Meditate and seek stillness

-Get outside: finding something bigger than yourself and getting fresh air are great ways to reconnect


-Spend time alone

-Color, draw, play music, or any of your favorite creative outlets

-Don’t reach for your phone to pass idle time, take more time to sit with your own thoughts

How will you find some extra quiet this weekend?

With love,



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