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Mindfulness is the reminder that everything in this moment is okay. It’s a way to bring ourselves back to the present, and to  focus on the only thing that ever truly matters: now.

My goal this week is to bring more mindfulness and intention to my daily life and to my interactions with others. To have conversations where I seek to listen rather than to respond, and to do things out of intention rather than reaction.

The tricky part of mindfulness is that it takes practice. We become so hard-wired to hold onto spiraling thoughts about the past or future, that it can be tricky to refocus our attention and energy. The main way to develop the skill of mindfulness is meditation. I think a big misconception about meditation is the belief that while you meditate, you’re not supposed to think. Unfortunately, not thinking is completely impossible. If you’re alive, you are thinking. The goal of meditation, instead, is to watch your thoughts pass by like clouds and not become overly attached to them. I have found guided meditations to be really helpful as I develop my meditation practice. You can find a ton of free guided meditation Podcasts (such as the Hay House Radio Meditation Room).  I also really enjoy Metta (loving kindness) meditations.

By creating a regular meditation practice, you are opening up space to new thoughts, behaviors, and actions. You learn to discern what you should or shouldn’t focus your energy on. You learn to become more present, and aware.

How are you planning to bring more mindfulness and intention to your week? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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