How to Start a Bullet Journal



If you are looking for a tool that can help you prioritize to-do lists, keep track of goals, and even record how frequently you are doing specific habits (meditating, yoga, writing, etc) I highly recommend giving “Bullet Journaling” a try. The best part? While Bullet Journaling is a style of journaling, it can be done in any way that feels best to you! Which means, you can really use any type of journal and design each page to fit your own needs and preferences. The reason I am sharing this post is because I found the ideas in Bullet Journaling to be really helpful in my daily life. I now use two bullet journals, one at work and one at home, and it helps me accomplish more and remember things much better than when I wasn’t using a bullet journal. Another bonus is I don’t have a million post it notes all over my desk at work, I write everything down in my journal and I can keep track of things that need to be done that day, that week, that month, and that year.

There is an entire website dedicated to explaining how to create a bullet journal, so I won’t get to bogged down in the details here, but here are a few things that can help you get started:

I use both my personal and my work bullet journal to keep track of goals I want to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. In order to accomplish this the beginning of my bullet journal states the big goals I have for the year. This means, that I have two pages in the beginning of my personal bullet journal dedicated to my goals for that year. I keep these goals mostly surrounded how I want to feel, and you can read more about that style of goal setting here.


Next, I write out the months of the year on 2-3 pages writing out the calendar in a small corner of the page. I make notes about the special events and tasks that I know are going to happen or that I want to accomplish that month.


Next, I make a bigger page dedicated to all the goals I have for the current month. In my work bullet journal I write out a bigger calendar (almost like a planner) so that I can see everything that is happening. My personal life isn’t quite so organized so I skip this step in that journal. On the adjacent page to this calendar, I write out all the goals I want to accomplish, or any special events that are happening that month. I can check these out as the month goes on.


For my personal bullet journal, I include a page for tracking habits that month, which is my favorite page of the whole journal. I use a moleskin journal that has squares  in it to make this page look a little cleaner. I also like to add quotes to this page that are inspiring to me. It’s fun to see how frequently I have meditated or done yoga each month.


I also include a few pages for writing down daily gratitude each month in my personal journal.


After the month page, I write out two pages dedicated to what’s going on and what I would like to accomplish during the current week. You can play around a lot with this page and also include the weather forecast for the week, or any other fun things that resonate with you. I like to add a notes section where I write things that helped brighten up that week.


Finally, if you like you can write out each day and use it to write your to-do list or just take notes about things that happen to you.


If you want to see more cool design ideas, check out this BuzzFeed article about Bullet Journaling.

I hope this can be of benefit to you. I’d love to hear if you gave it a try!

With love,




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