If You Change One Thing This Year


While we prepare to enter a New Year, and reflect on all that we want to accomplish in the coming 365 days, my hope is that you can make yourself your biggest priority. So often New Years resolutions, or goals in general, can fail because they are dependent on outside factors. Real change has to come from within. The best place to create big change is in the way you talk to yourself. We spend so much time beating ourselves up, comparing ourselves to those around us, and replaying embarrassing or difficult memories in our head that it can be so hard to grow and change and step into the person who you are really meant to be. You can interrupt this spiraling negative feedback loop simply by creating a new dialogue. When we are able to change that thought process, when we are able to counter negative self-talk with more positivity, more gratitude, and more love, only then are we able to take and conquer challenges, and truly enjoy the life we are living.

So maybe this year, before setting any other goals make your number one priority more positive self talk. Use affirmations, keep a gratitude journal, and call yourself out for negative self talk. Sometimes writing down the mean things you are saying to yourself can help. Write down something you have been repeating in a journal, cross out the words, and then replace that with why that isn’t true. Recognize when you’re beating yourself up, take a breath, and change your pattern. You can stay stuck hating yourself, or you can learn to embrace and celebrate your own beautiful uniqueness. You can step into the person you are meant to be and allow your own presence to be your greatest gift in the world. From there, anything is possible.

With so much love,





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