All It Takes


When I talk to people about their yoga practice or meditation practices often the first thing people say is “I don’t have the time.” And the truth is I do this myself also, I often think in order to do a full personal yoga practice at home I need to dedicate an hour or more to that practice. That anything less isn’t even worth the time. And while there is something really beautiful about dedication and taking full hour to do yoga,  it isn’t always necessary. More often than not, five minutes is all you need.

I had been talking to a few yoga teacher friends about this recently. Over and over in separate conversations they mentioned that sometimes it is better to take a few short five minute breaks throughout the day to move and stretch rather than do it all in one go. It brings to mind the idea of “sitting is the new smoking” and that if you really want to make a change, those who focus on sitting less will be much more successful than those who decide to workout more.

My point here is to not let time take ahold of you. There is something powerful about making time for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes. Maybe once you get started more time will become available, or maybe not but there is something empowering about just starting somewhere. Know that every little bit can make a difference. Enjoy the process, and trust that whatever you do is exactly enough.

With love,



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