December Favorites


December is such a lovely month. There always seems to be such excitement in the air, and people often seem to be in a better mood. Plus, getting to watch Christmas movies every weekend, and enjoy holiday scented candles is always a plus. I have been taking a bit of space from social media and the internet. After the election, like so many, I found myself becoming a bit addicted with finding the latest buzz. When I realized it wasn’t bringing joy or intelligence, I knew I needed to take some space, and seek out light. This post is some of the ways I’ve been finding a little extra light this month.

1). Writing Christmas cards!
I have always loved writing letters, so there is something special about being able to let a lot of people know that you’re thinking of them and sending them love. I don’t write much, and since it’s not a burden for me, writing christmas cards to people I love this month has been a bonus for both me and the person I was writing.


2). Yin Yoga

Yin has been a favorite yoga practice of mine for quite some time. It feels like such a gift for my body, mind, and spirit. Last week, I had the opportunity to sub a yin yoga class that I love to attend. As I was gearing up to sub this class, I felt like I had some big shoes to fill, so I read the book The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark. It was a great read, and I highly recommend it if you are looking to start a home yin yoga practice.


3). Trying new recipes and cooking techniques

Trying to make macrons for the first time was a lot of fun, even though mine didn’t come out quite right. I found this recipe sounded delicious and looked beautiful and I hope that if I can master it, I can use it as small Christmas gifts.


4). Spending more time meditating

I’ve been making meditation, and anything that helps ease my anxiety, more of a priority this month. I love the little meditation space I’ve built up in the apartment over this year.


5). Throat Coat tea


I love the taste of this tea, and find it to be really helpful when I feel like I’m getting a sore throat. It is especially good with honey

6). Gratitude


I started Bullet Journaling a few months ago, and have been using a monthly gratitude page to reflect on three things I’m grateful for. Whenever I start getting anxious about something at work, or having to socialize, I’ve found that listing things I’m grateful for helps to break the spiraling thoughts of anxiety. That has been such an important tool for me this month.

What things have you been loving this month? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Sending lots of love and light this month,



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