Going Within to Make Space// Pratyahara


“Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” -Rumi

Fall is probably my favorite season, because it feels so cleansing. The intention of fall is all  about making space and letting go of what’s no longer serving us. The cycles of seasons are such a beautiful reminder that there is a constant state of growth, renewal, and change within each of us.

I must admit working and living mostly inside has been challenging. It makes me miss being a wilderness guide and spending my time preparing for that season’s weather. When I don’t have that connection with nature, I truly feel like something is missing inside. But something about fall has been a wake up call to reconnect. A time to finally go for long walks in nature, and to breathe in crisp air (or at least crisper air–I’m still in Florida).

Fall has been a reminder to ground, make space, and settle in. There is something to be said about stillness, and the act of going inward. The past few months I’ve been working on shedding and creating space. This was mostly inspired by The Minimalist documentary, which inspired me to take a deeper look at the things I have.  But I think this desire to make space also has been brought on by the heaviness of this year. Especially in America,  there has been a lot to take in from the political climate, to words of intolerance, to violence, it’s been an intense year. The more time I spend on social media, or the more news I read,  I’ve found myself becoming less and less tolerant of outside views. Since close mindedness is not a trait I want to enhance, I’ve been countering this by taking a little bit more time to get clear. To meditate, and rest and make space. To connect to the truth that there is goodness and beauty everywhere in this world, and to remind myself that in times of darkness it is more important to continue to bring the light.

Pratyahara is one of the eight limbs of yoga, and it is a practice about going inward. It’s described as “the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses” and is  a way to go within. To take your gaze and energy inward. It’s a way to cope with the chaotic energy of the world, without getting swept into the chaos. It’s also a way to discover what truly matters–what’s going on within.

Fall is a beautiful time to balance getting re-grounded in nature, and also being able to go within. There is so much beauty and peace to be found when we live from this space.

In peace,



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