Turn Expectation into Appreciation


“I turn my expectation into appreciation.”

This quote, by Tony Robbins, has been a big reminder to me this week. He told a story in his interview with Marie Forleo (check it out here) about how often when we expect something, we take it for granted. More so, we can even become angry and frustrated when that expectation isn’t met. It creates a loop of dissatisfaction. I truly believe that gratitude is the antidote to anxiety, and this quote is a beautiful reminder to be more present in the day to day. To see the good, see the beauty, and choose to be appreciative for life’s gifts rather than focused on the struggle.

This is what I love about rainbows. Whenever I see them, they take me out of the expected. They make me pause and sit in awe and wonder at life’s beauty. They show me that there is possibility outside of the norm. They are an unexpected and beautiful gift to stop, slow down, and look around. I think there is something powerful to be said about finding wonder even in day-to-day life.

My goal this week is to continuously repeat the phrase “I turn my expectation to appreciation” and to continue to focus on gratitude.

What are you grateful for this week? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,



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