Three Beautiful Things


I feel like given all that is going on in the world lately, it is so important to continue to both be the light, as well as see the light in those around you, in order to not be consumed by the darkness of the world. Lately, I have found myself gravitating toward having beautiful things, like flowers, around me. I have been reading more inspirational books centered-around love, and I have been drinking in the little wisdom notes from Yogi tea whenever I can. I think all of this is an effort to reset myself back to balance after hearing so many awful things in the news all at once.

Having beautiful things to look at is a way to remind yourself to pause. To see the good. To recognize that the beauty you see reflected in the world, is also a reflection of the beauty you hold within you. Something that has helped me to shake off feelings of overwhelm or anxiety is to look around and notice three beautiful things that are around you. They don’t have to be anything big and speculator, in fact sometimes finding beauty in the small things is a great reminder to look closer if you don’t see beauty at first. When you take a moment to pause, to look up and look around and focus on the good, then you are actually training your brain to see more good.

I heard recently that in a study when people were asked to write down three things they were grateful for at work, they soon reported actually feeling happier at work, despite not changing anything else. This was simply because they were telling their brains to notice good things around them at work rather than focus on the negative. The same is true with your personal life, with the news you read, and with the things you say about yourself.

So my goal this weekend is to find three beautiful things when I wake up (or any time I feel overwhelm), so that I can continue building this muscle. One thing that’s been helping lately is reading this daily mantra book I got called “Find Your Happy” by Shannon Kaiser. I’ve been reading it all week, and it really sets the tone for a more positive day. [Yesterday’s mantra was: “I release all worry, I celebrate what could go right” so good.]

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

With love,



  1. Yes, so true! I’ve had to reduce the amount of time I watch or listen to the news because it can feel completely overwhelming and out of control. We may not be able to manage hurt and pain that’s happening thousands of miles away from us, but we can have an impact in our immediate surroundings. Celebrate love and beauty and kindness! Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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