Having a Conversation


I love teaching yoga. I love being able to share a practice that has been so healing to me with other people. I love watching people come to a class looking tight and tense, and leaving relaxed and calm and open. I love watching people grow and become more curious about their practice.

I sometimes see people loosing the practice of their yoga class, and instead looking at it the same way you would a workout. Not that this is inherently a bad thing, but I think it can create stagnancy.

I like to look as yoga practice as a conversation. A time to learn about and ask your body and your mind and your spirit how it’s doing in that moment. A time to work on becoming present. A time to release old emotions that may have been caught up in different areas of your body.

Yes, yoga is a physical practice. But it is also a practice that can transcend the physical, and also tie in to your emotional well being.

There is more to yoga than just looking pretty in some wild pose. It’s about letting your body tell you what it needs, and also recognizing all that it does for you each day.

When you look at yoga as a workout, you are missing the conversation. You are coming in with certain expectations and ideals, and pushing through pain rather than leaning in or leaning out based on what best suits you.

I love that yoga has become so popular, but I also fear that we can get stuck in the perfect Instagram pictures of yoga, and miss out on the juicy parts of the conversation of yoga. Missing the depth.

There’s something beautiful that can happen to your practice if you become willing to venture deeper.

With love,




  1. Hi Ashley,
    I never think of yoga as working out but I’m not at the point you are speaking to–the conversation. I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year. Just twice a week. For me some highlights have been– seeing improved balance; reaching a deeper stretch in pigeon pose; overall improved posture and well-being! I hope to continue practicing, and I look forward to taking your class in Sunday!


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