I’m feeling really blessed after spending the weekend at a local yoga retreat. There is something really powerful about getting to spend time with people who are all focused around the same thing: self-growth, living one’s purpose, and connecting to yourself and others. The theme of the retreat was connection, and it was held in this really beautiful space among gardens and nature.

Since I’ve been teaching quite a bit of yoga lately, and have been really loving my classes I’ve had one specific yogic theme on my mind these past few weeks: the idea of non-attachment.

It’s easy to get caught up busy in our expectation, rather than focusing on the experience that is happening  right at that moment. That’s part of the reason I’ve been so quiet over here on the blog. I had certain dreams and expectation about what the blog would look and be like, and when that wasn’t happening, I started to feel disconnected. Its similar to when you expect  yoga pose to look or feel a certain way, or if you notice someone else’s pose looks different then your own and you lose connection with the moment. You could be really loving how a pose feels in your own body, but when you get caught up in the idea of comparison or expectation, you could lose the benefits by getting caught up trying to make your pose look like someone else’s. Something that can be helpful to get out of this mindset, if you practice yoga at home, might be to try a blind-folded practice. Take the visual element out of the practice, and allow yourself to truly be in the moment. Unattached to the image, just feeling out the poses, and really having the time and space to be in your body.

The same thing can also come up in eating habits. We have a lot of emotional and ethical labels attached to food, when in reality food is not a moral act–it’s an object. When you get caught up labeling something you eat as “good” or “bad” and attaching judgement on it, you can disconnect to your own body’s hunger cue’s. If you take away the attachment and labels of food, and instead eat from a space of seeking nourishment, then you can actually discover what foods feel good and nourish your body, and what foods don’t feel so good. Everyone is different, so this connection to your own needs is super important.

All of this comes up just as much off the mat. In real life, our attachment to how something “should” look or feel or come out can cause a disconnection to living and enjoying the moment. When you can live from a space where you can enjoy the process, without letting expectation and attachment take over, then you can really have the control over your life.

I hope you all have a beautiful week!

With love,




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