March Favorites

Hey hey!


Happy Friday! Popping in after a long few weeks to share some of the things that brightened up my March. These are things that I’ve been reading, crafting, listening to, or simply incorporating into my daily routine that made my day-to-day life in March better.



I’m still on a Harry Potter kick, and am quickly making my way to the end of the 7th book. I hadn’t read any of the books since I was a kid, so rereading some of the books has been really fun.

Also, I’ve been so excited about Katie Dalebout’s new book Let It Out! It is officially out, so if you haven’t bought the book yet…what are you waiting for? The book includes TONS of great journaling tips, which you can do at any time and she covers so much, you will constantly be going back for more. I know at least I have been.



This month I’ve been so excited to have started a mini urban garden of sorts. There’s just a few plants on the deck to my apartment, but its fun to learn a new skill, and have more life around me. I also made a pesto with my basil plant this past weekend, and it was glorious! (I wish pesto were more photogenic!)

I also have started getting really into essential oils this past month, so I’m currently trying few different brands, and have been diffusing lavender at night, and peppermint the mornings I have extra time. It’s been really lovely, and I’m exciting for all the new things I’ve been making: deodorant, natural cleaner, etc. This weekend I’m planing to make toothpaste and maybe laundry soup!



I finally bought Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” book on a whim last month, and have been happy with many of the recipes. I’m not looking to “quit sugar” per say, but I have been interested in adding more fat in my diet and see the effect it had on my sugar cravings. So far, it’s been a big win.

I’m also still loving my OG green smoothie.



This month, we didn’t have internet for a few weeks. It was nice to mix up the usual routine of watching a movie at night and instead playing games. It’s amazing how much more time I had in the evenings without any technology to distract me. I’m currently doing a lot of social media and website things at work, so it’s a nice change of pace to get away from it. I have been missing my blogging community, and how many things inspire me on the internet though, so I am glad to be back!

What things have inspired/brightened up your days recently? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

so much love,



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