Finding Inspiration


As I’ve settled into routine here in Florida with my new job, I’ve found that I’m lacking a bit of inspiration. I haven’t felt as inclined to write, and just in general have found myself looking for inspiration in new ways. There has been stagnation in my journaling and in my desire to write blog posts, so I apologize in the lack of the later lately.

Though I know it’s easy to simply let go and allow the feeling of being uninspired to take over, I want to challenge myself (and maybe you if you can relate) to counter a lack of inspiration with a drive to find it. I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic in the fall, and can now relate to her looking for ways to draw our inspiration, rather than simply waiting for it to come to you. She said she would do things like dress up really nice when she sat down to write her book, rather than just writing in lounge clothes, or just doing things that might help attract inspiration to her.

While I’ve been searching for inspiration these past few weeks, I’ve found myself drawn to 2 things: nature’s beauty and writing by people I am super inspired by.

1). Nature’s beauty


Last week I started a mini urban garden on the deck of my apartment, so each day I can admire and remind myself of the beauty that is all around me. In Utah I was driving through canyons or hiking or just outside a whole lot more, and this natural inspiration was easier for me to find… it was part of my daily life. Now that I am living in a more urban area, and have no mountains around, I see that lack. Though the water and beach are lovely, it hasn’t been as easy to get lost in the beauty around me. Things like flowers and gardens have been a simply way to get reconnect to the land, which I believe is a true and pure source of inspiration. I’m so glad that now with Daylight Savings, I can actually get some extra daylight after work so I can reincorporate walks and time in nature into my day-to-day life rather than having to wait for the weekends.

2). Inspiration in writing


This month I have been so excited to start diving into my favorite blogger, Katie Dalebout’s, first book! Her book is all about journaling, so naturally it is something I have felt instantly drawn to. I’ve been following Katie for years, and have seen her and been inspired by her growth and vulnerability online. I feel like I relate so much to her story, and that I have sought her writing and insight as a place of refuge when I’m feeling down. Her book has a whole bunch of exercises and tricks, and I’ve been learning so, so much from it all. I highly recommend pre-ordering a copy as her book comes out early next month! It’s a real life game changer

These are just a few things that have been helping me to come out of an inspiration funk, and I wanted to pass them along to you all! I am curious: what do you do when you are feeling un-inspired? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

with love,



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