Holistic Tips to Ease Everyday Stress & Anxiety


To some degree every single one of us must face things and situations which cause stress and anxiety. It’s a natural human response, that is at the heart of it all, meant to keep us as humans alive. Some of us, however, may find that stress and anxiety has gone too far, and is actually depleting their livelihood. Since stress and anxiety can cause many physical issues, as well as emotional, it’s really important to get to the root of the stress and anxiety, and find healthy ways to channel and manage these. The tips below are focused on easing everyday stress and anxiety.


1). Make time for silence.

Driving is the biggest trigger for anxiety to me. I’ve come up with this story in my head that I’m not a good driver, and thus every time I get behind the wheel I can feel my heart racing and my finger tensing. It’s a silly response, but one that I have to deal with frequently due to commuting to and from work, barre, yoga, teaching yoga, etc. etc. I’ve found one of the best ways to reduce my anxiety while driving, is to drive in silence or to music that really lights my soul up. Not loud pop that can only cause me to feel more anxious, but something to calm and settle my nerves.

2). Give yourself enough time

There is something really empowering about feeling like you’re on top of your game, and nothing more nerve wrenching than being constantly late to things. Giving yourself extra time so there is less feeling of rush can help to get rid of extra sources of anxiety that may be small, but can add up over the course of a day, week, month, etc.  If this isn’t the big issue for you, figure out what little stress inducing things may be sneaking into your day, and find gentle ways to combat it.

3). Eat grounding food

If you feel super stressed and airy, try and eat more grounding foods to bring you back to center. Things like sweet potatoes, root vegetables, and olive oil are good options. When you eat, take time to breathe, give thanks, and really enjoy your food. Slowing down whenever you can will help remind your of your intention behind eating, and can actually help improve your digestion and ability to assimilate the nutrients in your food.

What things help you ease day to day stress and anxiety? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,



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