February Favorites



This is the month that brings longer days, and more sunlight, which I am awfully excited about! Before we get going off into March, I wanted to share some of the things that brought me a lot of joy over the course of February. Each month, I reflect on my favorite things of that month. These are the things I’m reading, eating, listening to, or infusing into my day-to-day life that inspire me, or just bring me little joys.

This year, I’ve made it a goal to eat a bigger variety of things. More variety in vegetables, in recipes, and in the vegetables I eat. To accomplish this, my goal has been to make one new recipe each week. Full disclosure: I definitely haven’t done one new recipe each week, but I have tried lots of great new recipes this year, and it’s been a fun way to improve my cooking skills, and broaden my eating horizons. The latest recipe I’m excited about comes from Angela of Oh She Glows (of course), her sweet potato enchiladas are incredible!


I started wearing Madewell jeans last year, and they have yet to disappoint. This month, I ordered this grey pair of jeans and have been obsessed ever since.

I’m so excited for Katie Dalebout’s book to come out in April (you can pre-order it here), it’s all about journaling so I think it’s going to be one of those books you can keep coming back to. This video Katie made is also really inspiring: https://youtu.be/UQ59Vutirfg

This video is bound to make your day: 

This meme:



I mentioned before that I’m really loving the Desire Map Planner, especially the prompt to write daily gratitudes. This practice continues to stay really meaningful and allows me to stay connected to the bigger picture.

5 beautiful things: this was also a prompt in the Desire Map Planner, to look around and list five beautiful things you see around you. So, I prompt you: what are some beautiful things around you? Being able to recognize beauty is a way to slow down, tap into gratitude, and maybe even recognize that the beauty you see is really coming from within.


I’m still really loving Pure Barre here! Though, I must admit I’m liking it even more now that I’m getting a bit stronger with the moves, and things aren’t so foreign

Long walks in nature. Or just short walks to break up the day. Both of these are really helpful when I need to clear my mind or am looking for a creative boost.


This India.Arie song has been a favorite to play during Savasana when I teach yoga. I have also been on a big Tracy Chapman kick this month.

What things have you been loving this month? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,


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