Small Joys


Happy Friday! I wanted to close out the week by sharing a few things I’ve been adding in small things to each day that bring extra joy to my day. These are just little things that in the big picture help to break up my day, and remind me of the bigger picture.

1). Reading just for fun
I have mentioned before that I really like reading educational and informative books, which is definitely a good thing. However, lately it has been nice to mix things up and read just for fun. I started rereading one of the Harry Potter books which I loved so much growing up. It feels like a real treat, and a nice break from my usual reading.

2). Daily gratitudes
I take just a few minutes writing out things that come to mind when I ask myself what I’m grateful for. It’s nothing crazy, and I don’t try and do a certain number or amount of time. I just allow the practice to be very organic and free flowing. This process helps to reconnect me to my core, my joy, and to remind me what a blessed and beautiful life I have.

3). Lavender before bed
I’ve been mixing a bit of lavender essential oil into the coconut oil I use on my face at night, and it’s just a really pleasant way to close out the day. Something about the scent feels luxurious, and is really calming if I’ve had a particularly stressful day.


Also, I saw this picture last night, and just love the reminder to find happiness in the moment, rather than waiting to feel “good enough” to feel happy.

What things have been bringing you joy this week? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,




  1. Love this sentiment! I finally got to some self-care this week, with a facial and massage. Sometimes it takes awhile to relax in those sessions, as you know, the mind can spin. So I just kept thinking, “THIS is the moment you’ve been trying to get to. You’re arrived!” It really helped ground me in the present moment and truly experience and enjoy receiving the treatments. Great blog! Thanks for writing 🙂


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