Hey, friends!

I’m still working on the three months of healthy habits that I started out this year with. For February, due to Valentine’s Day and the overall air of love, I wanted to focus on self-love. Not just in a board since, but in a way that meant daily things to promote self-love. For me, since I started out this year with a new job and a new schedule and a new commute, I put meditation and prayer as top priorities. This month has been especially stressful, as it has been full with public speaking events. As an introvert, these tend to exhaust me quite a bit. Though I feel pretty okay while I speak, I get really nervous before and really tired after so it’s rather depleting.

I know in order to re-energize, meditation and prayer are crucial. This is because these are the things that bring me back to my core, and remind me of what my real work in this world is–to be a vehicle for extending light and love. When I reconnect to this purpose, everything else becomes do-able.

So, my goal this month was to meditate and take time to read a spiritual text (whether the Bible or A Course in Miracles) every day. I did not accomplish this, which is fine. The goal is to change my attitude about time. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks, that we can forget what really matters. Something I know I struggle with, is to put the bigger things first. Fill up my time first with the things that connect me to my purpose, and then fill in day-to-day tasks after.

Though I may not have “accomplished” my goal of putting time into meditation and spirituality every day, I do feel a mindset shift toward my priorities. That’s so much more important than crossing off the days tasks.

What are your current priorities? Or, how do you stay connected to the bigger picture? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,



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