A Love Note

Happy Valentine’s weekend, my loves!

I wanted to pop in and send some love to each of you, and to thank you for taking time to read my blog! I hope there is  even more love than usual in your weekend.

I think Valentine’s Day can be tricky for people, as it tends to revolve around the idea that love comes from the outside, when in reality it has to start from within. I love that we have a day devoted to love in our society, and I think it’s important to take this day as a time to love yourself as well as those around you a little extra. And then take that extra love with you, maybe even make it a habit. I really believe that self-love is a muscle that requires building, which requires practice. It’s okay if it doesn’t feel natural at first, it takes time!

Take a little time to send yourself some love this weekend, and then once you get filled up, you’ll be better able to extend that love to those around you.

A Valentine’s Day journal exercise:

Take five minutes to list out all the things that you are currently grateful for. Make these specific to your life, and don’t get caught up in thinking something is too insignificant to list. Also think about all the good qualities that you possess, and note what you are really grateful for about yourself–like, I am a really good listener, or I am really good at connecting with people emotionally. As women especially (though men do this too!) I think our habit is to focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves. In reality, taking time to recognize and validate our own strengths is going to actually make us stronger.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love,




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