January Favorites

Happy February! It’s so crazy to think we are already through January and ready to start a new month! I am a big fan of expressing gratitude, so I try and take time to review the things that brightened up, simplified, or improved my prior month. I call these my monthly favorites, and these favorite encompass foods, articles, TV shows, song playlists, and recipes that helped brighten up my month!

The past month was a pretty big one for me in terms of LOTS of new beginnings. The month was surprisingly productive, and I am finding balance in a new job and new schedule. A lot of my January favorites fall right in line with my January goals of focusing on time and self-care.


All the Soup!



Soups were a big favorite this past month, and something I craved pretty much every week. The cold, dry weather, and desire to make pretty simple meals made this craving work out for the best. My go-to soups were lentil soups (a spiced red-lentil soup I really love from Angela, and a green lentil soup I’m still experimenting with). These are both flavorful and filling! My other go-to continued to be miso soup–you can find my favorite recipe here–which is great to help keep up your health if you feel like everyone around you is getting sick. Health so often starts in the gut, and 70% of you immune system lives there, so it’s so important to keep it full of good bacteria!

Egg Muffins


I keep calling these egg mcmuffins when I make them, even though that doesn’t even begin to describe these. I was searching for something with more protein to add to my prep-ahead breakfast rotations. I make a lot of overnight oats, but wanted something different when I cam across egg-muffins. Since I usually go straight from a  barre class to work, I like to have a simple breakfast ready to go to eat in between. These have been the perfect solution. I’ll post my own recipe on this later this month, but for now you can check out some ideas here.

Mixing up my Greens


One of my goals this year is to add in more variety of greens and vegetables. This month, I made it a habit to choose a new type of green each week at the store. It’s been great to have a lot of trial-and-error in new cooking techniques, and to expand my horizons in terms of what I fill my plate with.

Throat Coat Tea


This next week is a big public-speaking week for me, so I’ve been glad to have this special tea on hand to help sooth my throat! It also tastes really delicious and healing.




Now that I work super close to a Pure Barre studio, it’s been awesome to get into a Barre routine again! I used to do a lot of Xtended Barre in Salt Lake, and I’ve found Pure Barre to be completely different than those classes! I still love the upbeat music, and inspiration from teachers, and feel even in a month I have gained a lot of strength!



I’m still totally obsessed with my Desire Map Planner, and specifically the gratitude list. I have been doing this every night as a way to ground myself into the present. Though my days can be chaotic, it’s so lovely to take the time to reflect on all the things going well. I’ve felt especially blessed this month, and I feel that the gratitude list has really been a factor.


On a totally different topic, after three months we finally have a couch in our new apartment! It’s been a long awaited addition, which was unnecessary until we got more settled. Now that we added it, things have felt instantly more homey, and it inspired me to add some more pictures to the walls. Slowly but surely this new space is becoming a home.


I also have been loving my new job, and how it connects me to so many people in the wellness industry! It also gives me a chance to garden every so often, which is a great way to mix up the week!



This post about sugar by Carly Gross is so great! Definitely a recommended read!


What were your favorite things this past month? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



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