3 Unconventional Beauty Tips


1). Go one day or 1/2 day without makeup!

I love makeup. I enjoy the process of finding make-up I like and that suites my skin and makes me feel great. But I think there is something really special about being able to be comfortable in your own skin. I think you shouldn’t feel like you need to have make-up on in order to go out in public. If you wear make-up all day everyday, and then at night feel ugly once you take it off, something needs to change! My belief is that people think they are ugly once they take off their make-up simply because they aren’t used to seeing their face that way. Make an effort to go make-up free for a certain amount of time during the week or on the weekend. I really do think this simple step can be really huge! Embrace your natural beauty.

2).Wash your face with oil!

I hope we can finally let go of the fear of putting oil on your face, but if you haven’t tried yet it’s time! I vary the type of oil I use on my skin based on time of year and the climate I’m in. In dry climates I love using sesame or almond oil, in more humid climates coconut oil is my fav. [pro tip: it sounds kind of weird but coconut oil is actually drying. So it’s best to use that type of oil if you have more oily skin or live in a humid climate]. You can also add essential oil to your oil, so it smells really nice. To wash: massage oil into your skin for a few seconds with warm water. Then, take a washcloth and run it under hot water. Ring out the wash cloth, then place the cloth on your face. This allows the steam from the hot wash cloth to pull out oils and grease from your skin. (you can read some of my other skin care tips here)

3). Don’t wash your hair everyday!

If you wash your hair everyday, you are constantly stripping the natural oils from you hair. This causes your hair to want to make more oil to combat and throws off it’s natural balance. Wash your hair every few days, only when you really need to, so that your hair can find better balance. I also highly recommend doing a coconut oil hair mask whenever possible. You can read how to do that here.


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