December Favorites


December was a whirlwind of a month. Between subbing yoga classes, holiday travel, and getting a new job there was a lot going on (as I’m sure there was for you, too!) I did wanted to share some of the shows, foods, books, and beauty things that brightened up my month!

TV Show:: Master of None

I always have really liked Aziz Ansari, and had only seen his standup before but this show on Netflix is seriously so good! I spent way too much time in the airport this month, and to take a break from reading, this show was a great way to lift my mood.

Book:: Is Everyone Hanging out without me (and other concerns) Mindy Kaling

I had been wanting to read Mindy Kaling for a while, and I’m so glad I finally did! She is honest and funny and just a really wonderful read. I find I read a lot of deep self-help books or wellness books, and it was nice to mix things up on a light-hearted tone this month. The book definitely made me a Mindy fan.

Beauty:: Bare Minerals Pop of Passion lipstick

I love the feel and color of this lipstick! I don’t wear a lot of  lipstick, but wanted to add a bit more to my make-up routine since starting a new job. This is a really nice color that looks natural, and it isn’t dry like so many other brands I have tried.

Food:: There were a few meals and snacks that took the cake for me this month

Acai Bowls


These were a big hit for me in the beginning of the month when there was a major heat wave here in the south. I love how creamy acai bowls are, and I love how they leave me feeling full of energy. My favorite recipe: one pack unsweetened frozen acai, 1 frozen banana, 1/4 cup coconut milk, mix and then top with your favorite granola.

Deliciously Ella’s Gingerbread Men


They don’t taste like traditional gingerbread cookies, and are almost more similar to a larabar taste and texture without the dates. I really loved the deep ginger taste, and the ingredient list for these. They were a go-to festive snack for me this month.

Oh She Glows Vegetable Curry

Indian food is my absolute favorite foods, and unfortunately where I live now doesn’t have many good Indian or Nepalese restaurants. Luckily I was able to find this curry recipe in the Oh She Glows Cookbook. It’s super easy and super delicious and I couldn’t recommend it more!

DIY:: Wreaths and Monogram Mugs

Yes, these mugs are full of cookies!

I was so glad to get crafty this month with Christmas decorating and gifts. I shared how I made the Christmas wreathes here, but the monogram mugs were also really fun to make! Just bought a few white mugs from Target and then a pen that would work on ceramic materials. Once I liked the letters, I baked the mugs for 30 minutes at 300 degrees in the oven.

Workout:: Snowshoeing with my family


Since my parents live in Tahoe, my mom was really excited to take us snowshoeing on some of her favorite trails. It was a great way to get outside over Christmas.

What things have you been loving lately? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,




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