How to create a realistic and attainable workout routine


January is a big month for movement. I see the yoga studios, workout classes, and gyms fill with lots of people dedicated to finding a new workout routine. It’s often the same thing every year: classes fill with prospects right after the new year, yet in just a few weeks people quickly fade out. Their new years resolutions either don’t last, or their goals simply weren’t realistic. I think the biggest thing is that they maybe didn’t even enjoy what they had committed themselves to.

You don’t hear a lot of fitness classes putting joy and fun at the top of the list, but that’s what really counts if you want to make this year different.

In college I was a big gym rat. I would lift weights, go to strength training and spin classes, and add anything else that could possibly fit in my schedule. I enjoyed some of these, but not all of them. My commitment to so much movement actually led to Amenorrhea, which made me realize the importance of slowing down in order to balance out my hormones. It was my body’s way of telling me to put myself first, and to stop moving from a place of fear.

If you want to make this year different challenge yourself to get clear on what ways you actually enjoy moving your body! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Even just a long walk is perfect. Whatever it is, be sure to make it sustainable, and FUN!

Because we are so barraged with commercials about workout videos and routines right now, I want you to take the time to tune in to your internal wisdom. Though we are constantly being told the thing we “should” be doing, each body is different. There is no one right diet, and there is no one way to move your body. Let those “should’s” go, and get to know yourself!

I have a few questions that I hope will help this process. Get out your journal and expand on each, or just think about them mentally.

1). What is my history with movement? What worked, what didn’t?

2). What is my motivation for movement? Am I working out from a place of fear? Fear of gaining weight, fitting in, or overeating? Or am I moving because I love my body and I enjoy doing certain things?

If I am moving from a place of fear, what other things could I find motivation from instead?

Maybe I’m motivated to get to know myself better, to sustain strength, to take time for myself each day, to build community,  whatever it is make it something that is meaningful to your soul.

3). Make a list of the things you enjoy doing! How can you add more of these into your day and week?

Things to keep in mind: cutting veggies is being active, playing with kids is active, gardening is active–it doesn’t have to be in a gym in order to be active!

How are you planning on moving [from a place of love] this week? Or what are your favorite ways to move!

Sending you so much love this week,



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