Three Months of Healthy Habits


This series is about giving you the tools to have the energy, time, and ability to make 2016 a powerful year. I am a big believer that tiny changes, and creating mindful habits, create big results. What better time than January to add intentionality {and so much love} to your habits? I want to give you tips and tools to make the most of your time, boost your energy, and feel awesome in your body.

The next three months I have specific tops to focus on. Each topic is broken down into three action items to make your goals happen!

Here’s the three month breakdown:

January—> Energy boost: focus on sleep, movement, time management

February—> Love fest: focus on making time for mediation and prayer, nurturing relationships, and self care

March—> Abundance and Budgeting: focus on creating a livable budget, utilizing affirmations, and living in abundance.

We’re going to be breaking down each topic week by week into small, manageable steps. Nothing crazy. Just simple steps and tools for making the most of your time. It’s not about quick fixes, and definitely not about comparison and putting yourself down. It’s about creating mindful habits to put yourself and your priorities first so that everything else can either fall into place or be reevaluated.

Here’s what’s on the plan for January:

SLEEP: create a sacred evening routine and set aside time to get a full night sleep (I know I need lots of sleep and aim for 8-10 hours a night, aim high and meet your own, specific needs)

MOVEMENT: It’s so much more important to create the habit of moving in a way that is going to be sustainable for your life, than to live someone else’s workout plan. There’s no point in claiming to do cross-fit every day of the week, if you don’t even enjoy it and you will stop after a week or two. Focus on moving in ways that are manageable and enjoyable. Even just a 15 minute walk is great! Make a commitment to moving, and know that even just a little bit of movement is enough. Movement creates momentum.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Put first things first. Make time for creativity, your spiritual practice, and your loved ones. Another helpful tip: planning and prepping your meals for the week so you’re ready to go and have more time during the week. My goal this month is to experiment with one new recipe each week. I love spending time in the kitchen, and I know the more recipes I try, the more variety of nutrients I am adding into my diet. It’s a way to express and explore my creativity, while adding new recipes to my toolbox. Win win.

I’m going to dive deeper into each of these topics throughout the month. Check back in on Wednesday for a more focused post about sleep and the power of routine. For now take a moment to write out how you are going commit to these three goals above (or make your own three goals if you aren’t loving these!) Look up a new recipe to try out this week, set your calendar for moving the way you love, and reflect on your evening routine. Wednesday we will be talking about why having an evening routine can help with improved sleep patterns.

For now, what are you January goals? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

with love,




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