What Desire Mapping Looks Like // 2016


I have expressed my how much I am in love with Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map, and wanted to share a bit of the creative process for my 2016 intentions. I did this last night to get in the zone for how I want this new year to look and feel. I don’t typically post on Saturdays, but I was too excited and have too many other posts I’m stoked to share so I wanted to let this one out sooner. I share this in hopes of inspiring others to focus on goals from the soul this year, and not getting caught up in creating resolutions or goals that either don’t work or don’t feel right. If you want more insight into Desire Mapping, definitely check out Danielle Laporte’s book (here).

My core desired feelings (these are the words I think best represent how I hope to feel this year, and they are subject to change as the year goes on): connected [as in linked to a power], empowered [as in stronger, confident], open [to movement, unblocked, allowing access], engaged [in this I mean passionately engaged, having steady focus], and joyful [happy beyond reason].

If I want to feel connected within the realm of livelihood and lifestyle then I want to: hold a job in the wellness field, build my blog/continue writing and sharing content, teach yoga.

If I want to feel empowered within the realm of body and wellness then I want to: maintain my yoga and meditation practice, move in ways that feel really good (more barre classes and long walks), cook a whole lot, climb//be playful on silks or inversions or acro-yoga.

If I want to feel open within the realm of creativity and learning then I need to: write often and share my work, read different genres, listen and watch things that inspire (without using that as a means of putting myself down), be playful (as in learn a new instrument).

If I want to feel connected and joyful within the realm of relationships and society, then I need to: get out more! This means: volunteer, take classes, try new things, get out of my comfort zone, explore my new city.

If I want to feel connected within the realm of essence and spirituality then I need to: read spiritual texts (the Bible and A Course in Miracles), revamp my spiritual practice (and maintain it), fine a solid loving church group, pray alone and with Teddy, meditate, share readings I feel connected to with my yoga classes.

This is all prompting from the book The Desire Map. I loved this so much, and decided to get the Desire Map Planner to have a sacred and special place to put my goals from the soul this year. I highly recommend both.

What are the goals from your soul this year? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

With love,



  1. I’m wrestling with the need to feel safe and secure financially and some business opportunities that will require some amount of risk. I have a goal of being debt free but I may need to get a business loan for an expansion project. Also, I worry about money too much and I need to stop. Will this help?

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    1. Very cool, Jamie! I think anytime you are able to go internal and see the true nature of your desires it is helpful. Get clear on what you are wanting/seeking to feel and the steps that will get you there. I know for me meditation and journaling are the source of answering big questions. I hope it helps you too! Good luck ❤


  2. That books looks really interesting. I’ve been thinking about my core words. At the moment the word spark is my word for the year where I’m doing more of the things that make me come alive.

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