A Different Kind of Resolution


I love the end of the year. The ability to look back over all the wonderful memories and adventures that filled up my time that year, and reflect on my growth. I also love that the end of the year offers everyone the chance to imagine their best selves. To dream bigger and bolder, and to take big risks. It reminds us all of the precious gift of life, and encourages us to make the most of our time.

While I believe and love the magic of this special time, I hate the slogans everywhere claiming “new year, new you” or unhealthy diet plans to meet your goal. While the end of the year is about reflecting how to be your best self, please don’t use it as a time to put yourself down or feel unworthy. I know marketing strategies are at their highest right now, trying to shame people into diet plans and workout regiments. That’s not the point. At all. I agree with Danielle Laporte 100% when she says that we are looking for the feeling behind the goal, it’s not always about the goal. The idea of wanting to loose a certain amount of weight can be difficult to achieve because what you are actually searching for is a sense of confidence in your body, or having more energy. In that sense, weight loss isn’t even on your radar. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Because when you focus on feeling the way you want, on doing the things that make you feel good and energetic and powerful, then you won’t even need to worry about your weight.

Sometimes it can seem easier to tackle outer circumstances rather than deal with inner issues and turmoil. If you want to move forward, however, you’re going to have to start digging a bit deeper. It may be uncomfortable and a bit harder to measure than loosing x amount of weight, but I promise the results will last so much longer and make your life so much sweeter.

Focus on goals from the soul this year, and the other stuff will fall into place (perhaps meaning, they will no longer matter).

Do you have any new years resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

with love,



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