DIY Christmas Wreath

I love the smell of having a real Christmas tree in the house. That’s what inspired me to make this wreath this year. Since a tree wasn’t realistic to put in our apartment, a wreath seemed like the simplest solution. After going to a tree lot without cash, the woman working was kind enough to let us take some scraps of branches so we could make our own wreath. It was so simple, and such a fun and inexpensive project that I wanted to share it with you guys!



A wire wreath frame (I got mine from Walmart for like $3)

A good amount of pine tree branches (ask your local Christmas tree lot if they don’t mind you taking some)

Ribbon (if desired)

Ornaments (as desired)


It’s super easy: just weave small branches through the wire frame (as pictured above). Then continue filling in the blank spaces of the wreath, until you wreath is totally filled. I just used scissors to cut the branches, but it would be helpful to use shears to cut bigger branches if you have them. Once the wreath is completely filled in to your liking, you can add a ribbon bow to the bottom, or ornaments to make it more festive.

Once the wreath is complete, I hung mine by gluing ribbon in a loop around the wreath, and than bringing the ribbon over the top of the door. You can secure it with either tacks or strong tape.

And, that’s it!

What’s your favorite DIY holiday craft?

with love,



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