Three Tips for a More Productive and Intentional Day


Intentional, productive, and purposeful living is probably on everyone’s new year’s resolution list. I believe mindfulness and intention allow you to live your highest, most authentic life. When you are able to be present in the day to day, you will make each day more enjoyable. You will see the things you most enjoy, and most of all you will know that you are choosing how you live each day. It’s your life, it’s your choice.

That being said, it can be difficult to stay present and mindful in day-to-day life. Sometimes life can feel like it’s getting ahead of us, and we’re left in the back scrambling to try and keep up. Intentionality and mindfulness are tools that we can utilize each day, but they also take practice. The more you are able to bring yourself into the present moment, and set intentions for each day, the better able you will be to keep up this practice.

I’ve been working on creating an ebook for you guys. It’s a workbook that includes a daily tracker or journal of sorts with writing prompts to follow each morning and evening. You can look forward to those ebooks in the New Year, but for now I want to give you my best tips (exercises) for mindful living. When you are intentionally choosing how you spend the 24 hours in your day, you will become more productive in the areas that you want to be most productive in.

Tip 1: Set a morning intention each day. The same way every yoga class I teach, I ask my students to reflect on the reason they came to their mat that day, I want you to ask yourself what you are hoping to accomplish or feel like in the day before you. I think feelings are perhaps the most powerful ways to set an intention, because you can learn what actions help you get to those feelings. For example, your intention could be: today I want to feel happy, or today I want to feel productive, or today I want to feel connected. Once you have your intention word or feeling, think of three specific action items you can do that day to achieve that feeling or goal. These don’t have to be big lofty goals. You want them to be specific and able to be accomplished over the course of that day.

Tip 2: Recognize what went well. Once your day is over, take a few minutes to journal about what went well toady. What things made you feel good, more clear, and more productive? Did taking a walk mid-day help clear your mind? Or maybe you took the time to make breakfast, and you noticed it had a positive effect on the rest of your day. Whatever it might be, give yourself props. Thank yourself for treating yourself well, and keep in mind those things for the future. You are creating your own toolbox of health and productivity. It’s going to be specific to you, so be creative and explorative.

Tip 3: Express gratitude. Studies have shown that people who keep daily gratitude journals are more likely to feel long term happiness than people who have won the lottery! Gratitude is a powerful message to the world around you. When you express gratitude, you are telling the Universe what you want to see more of in your life. You are also better able to be grateful for what you already have, rather than trying to find happiness from external sources.

What specific tools and tips do you have to practice mindfulness and intentional living each day? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

with love,




  1. Your so right Ashley. I realized that made the most progress on days I went surfing before work. Not only was the physical exercise great, but taking time to pray (both for what I needed help with and what I am thankful for) helped my focus. Unfortunately, when I get stuck in a rut and overwhelmed with work I don’t take the time to plan and as I put in more time, but I become less effective.

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