Finding Beauty in the Everyday


November is the month of gratitude, but also the time when life speeds up before the holidays. Sometimes we can get so caught up making plans and hitting sales, we can forget to look around us. We can surpass and miss out on the beauty that is all around, simply because we have become too busy to notice it.

Something I learned from my coach Amanda: when we see the beauty in those around us, we also are more able to see it in ourselves. It has become too common for women specifically to see other women as a threat. We often are in competition with strangers, and are more likely to critique something about them.

The reality? The more judgmental and critical you are toward others, the more judgmental and critical you are toward yourself.

What if, instead, you try and see the beauty in those around you? How much better would it feel to compliment the women around you rather than critique them. Don’t just stop with the people around you. Look for the beauty in every day life. The way the sun shines brilliantly through the clouds. The glow of evening sunlight on the trees. The colors in the trees. Flowers. Nature. Anything.

Make it your goal this week to find the beauty in every day life. I promise, you will start to look at the world, yourself, and those around you so much differently if your goal is to focus on the beauty.



What source of everyday beauty have you seen today?

With love,




  1. Beautiful photos and awesome message about seeing the miracle in every moment. This reminds me of Thich Nhat Hanh’s message of mindfulness – every single moment is a true miracle. When we remember that, then we have so much energy and power. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Thanks for the reminder about appreciating every moment. Right now it is dumping snow on us – a much needed miracle around here and I am loving every minute. 🙂

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