A New Perspective {of my body}


There’s a been a big shift recently in the way I view my body. I have moments of epiphany where I see my body as separate from who I am, in that it doesn’t define me, but also I am able to admire it’s beautiful ability to connect me to the world. Most recently, I have these moments where I no longer see my body as a burden, but instead, I see it as a special gift. Something given to me with purpose and intent by Someone who loves me. It’s the intended vehicle my soul was given through which I get to experience the world.

This new perspective hit me the other night, as I was washing my face. I smiled to myself as if I were looking at a friend. Then, I had that initial realization. My body is not an object, but instead it is a gift. Not a burden, not something random that I trapped in, but a gift for me to experience the world through. It is something chosen and given to my soul to inhabit by Somebody who loves me a whole, whole lot. That is to say, it is a direct gift from God, given to me as my unique tool. It is my vehicle through which I get to interact and experience the world.

I used to view my body as a burden. Something I tried desperately to change and manipulate to look differently. When I saw my body as an object and a burden, I felt trapped. I couldn’t ever get it to look like the pictures of the women and girls who I desired to look like. No matter what I did, I was still stuck looking like, well, me.  I fought my vehicle, and resented that it wasn’t my idea of perfect.

I’ve done a lot of work shifting this view. Yoga has been really healing in repairing my view of my body, and recognizing its strength and beauty. Work from Gabrielle Bernstein, Katie Dalebout, Amanda Gyuran, and Heather Waxman has also been really transformational.  These women have offered powerful shifts in perspective, and I believe reading and following their work as literally rewired my brain. It has caused me to think about my soul, my purpose, the bigger picture, and all the better ways to use my energy rather than obsessing about weight or size.

I adopted the mantra from Heather,

My body is not an object, my body is a messenger of love.

The shifts only seem to amplify from there. The more I read and reflect on their body-positive, soul inspiring work, the more I adapt my own view and perspective of honoring my body and using it as a messenger of love.

It’s an energetic waste to spend your time and energy constantly obsessing about your body and wanting it to be something other than what it is. There is so much liberation in the recognition that, perhaps, you were given your specific body because it’s going to offer the best vehicle for you to experience the world through. It is your vehicle to extend love and light to those around you.

You can spend your short time on earth fighting this vehicle, or you can honor your vehicle as a messenger for extending light and love to the world.

The choice is yours.

But, I really hope you choose love.

I promise, it changes everything.

I love you so much,




  1. Thank you, Ashley,

    What a wonderful read! I too am letting go of the idea that I should look like …..fill in the blank! But it has taken me many many years to release the self-imposed story. It still lingers a bit. The culture has a part in driving my thoughts, and it’s up to me to be the keeper of the gate to my mind. I’m more careful about what I think and what I choose to read.

    Our bodies attest to the fact that miracles are not so rare after all!

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