How to Create More Space in Your Life


The yoga class I went to yesterday focused on the idea of pause. Noticing the space in-between movement and breath to become more mindful. The idea was that even if it doesn’t feel like things are happening, often times they are. There is power and beauty in becoming mindful in those moments.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to shake up your energy if you are feeling stagnant or cramped in your life. Maybe you have dreams of things you want to be doing, but are feeling crippled by a current situation and feel like you can’t do anything. Or maybe you feel stuck, and you just want some movement and newness to your life.

Here’s my five tips to create more space (and energy) in your life:

1). Create physical space and let some things go!

Clutter can really effect your physical and energetic space. Though it seems like such a small thing, I notice I can hardly even sleep in my room if it’s all full of stuff. Having less physical things taking up space in your room, allows more room for new things in your life. Plus, clutter weighs in your subconscious in ways you may not even be aware of. Getting rid of things like clothes that don’t fit you or gifts that you feel guilty for not using can free up that subtle space in your mind for something better. If you haven’t used it in six months, are you actually going to start using or wearing it now? Really think about that, and don’t be afraid to let things go. It feels really freeing and empowering to bag up your things and donate it rather than holding on to it. Someone else can probably benefit more from it than you think.

2). Make your bed every morning

This is another small way to create order and balance in your life. Making my bed every morning helps me feel slightly more in control of my life, however funny it sounds. I’m not the only one who thinks so, making your bed is correlated with successful habits in life.

3). Try something new

This past week, I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar, so I’m spending an hour a day sitting with a friend’s guitar in front of YouTube doing my best to make a song. I’m not all that great at it, but it’s really fun to try out a new hobby (and yes, my sore fingers are making it extra hard to type this post–still worth it). Newness can mix up a routine that feels mundane, and can help boost creativity and reenergize your life. It doesn’t have to be anything major, just anything that is calling to you or you have been meaning to try—go for it!

4). Breathe

Take note of the pause in your life. Deepening your breath allows prana (another word for breath aka life-force energy) to move inside of you. Lengthening your inhales can had volume to your lungs, give your brain a boost of oxygen (super energizing!) and can add more intention and focus into what’s going on in the moment. Lengthening your exhales can signal your central nervous system to calm down, and bring more peace and clarity into your life. When you can be more present in your life, you are creating a shift to appreciate what you have and what is going well, right now. You can also connect to how things feel, and make note of things that feel really good in life, and things that don’t feel so great. Add more of what feels good, and try and remove some of that not-so-good stuff.

5). Move

If you’re feeling stuck, get yourself moving to mix up your internal energy. Simple things like walking instead of driving, taking a different path to work, or practicing yoga can help eliminate stagnant energy and replace it with more creative, lively energy. Moving your body is a great way to start shifts toward movement in your life. Plus, it feels so wonderful to move if you’ve been stagnant for a while or have a job that is slow-paced.


Now I’d love to hear from you! What are things you do to create space in your life? How do you handle feeling stuck? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

with love,




  1. All good advice. Especially re: breathing!!! How easy it is to take shallow breaths during the day, without noticing. That’s why yoga is so important to me, to get in tune with breathing properly again.

    Have a great weekend Ashley, I’m really enjoying your blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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