11 Secrets to an Epic Summer

These past three months have officially been the summer of adventure for me. I’ve spent less than one full week in my house, and I’ve been all over the country. It’s been wonderful and beautiful and every week I sat in constant gratitude for all the beautiful people and incredible opportunities in my life.

I say all this in preparation for fall to come, but still quite aware there is still some time left for summer. It’s not to late to go on an epic summer adventure.

Here’s my summer bucket list (currently completed!)

1). Sleep under the stars as often as possible.


Not just out in a tent, try cowboy camping (weather permitting) so you can see the stars all night long. It’s incredible to fall asleep in total awe of the universe, and counting as many shooting stars as possible. I was able to do this three nights in a row this weekend, and it was utterly lovely.

2). Go on a road trip

Just make sure to do it with people you love!

3). Sing by a campfire


4). Summit a tall peak


5). Step outside of your comfort zone


6). Read something that inspires you

If you need a recommendation, my go-to is The Alchemist. It’s incredible.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

7). Reunite with old friends


Though I love utilizing social media to stay connected with long-distance friends, nothing beats actually spending time with people you love in person. Find a way to connect to those people you have been friends with forever, it will invigorate your soul, no doubt.

8). Take a dip in real water—a lake, a pond, a river, hot springs, or an ocean; not just a pool.


Nature is beautiful and healing and chemical free.

9). Discover a new band or album that you love (hopefully that can connect you to one of your adventures).

I’m currently jamming to Jamestown Revival because everyone on my last adventure (rafting in Idaho) was obsessed with it.

10). Say thanks, and say it often


To quote HappyThankyouMorePlease, when you say thank you, you are also saying,”more please.” Giving gratitude allows more of that to come into your life. For me, stopping and enjoy each sunset as been a really powerful connection to earth, and to the beauty that is constantly around me.

11). Eat outside often.


Because food tastes better when you’re outside, connected to the land it came from.


What are your tips for having an epic summer?




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