Things I’m Loving Friday, 7/31

Happy Friday!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Things I’m Loving Friday post, so I have lots of wonderful things to share. This is a space where I share products, adventures, foods, and anything that has really brightened up my past week. Friday is a great time to reflect on things that went really well, or added a lot of joy to my week!

1). Earthpaste


I have been using Tom’s toothpaste for a while, but wanted to try this as it has much fewer ingredients. The base of this toothpaste is clay, which gives it a much different look and feel than toothpaste you might be used to. However, I must say I am so pleased with the results! It doesn’t make you feel like you’re rubbing sugar on your teeth like some toothpastes do, and the product is made all locally in Utah. It’s super cool, and I highly recommend checking it out!

2). Humming Birds

I was meditating on trail last week, and had this really cool experience! Right in the middle of my meditation, a humming bird came right up to my face, and hovered for a moment before flying off. It was a really rare and special moment, and it really filled me with joy. I then looked up the meaning of humming birds, here, which was super interesting as well.

3). Planks!

This summer I made the goal of working my way up to a 10 minute plank! Last week, I reached nine minutes, so I should be able to reach 10 this coming week. I’ve been slowly working up to it, having one day each week for a long plank, and adding 30 seconds to that long plank each week. I also try and do 3-5 minute planks most days, just to keep in the habit. It’s been fun to have a goal to work towards, and planks are such a great full body workout. Perfect if you’re like me and have been traveling and on the road a lot this summer.

4) Wood carving


Last week on trail, I was doing something called “skills camp,” which teaches primitive skills like woodcarving. I was super proud of this spoon that I was able to carve!



I love rainbows, and have been so lucky to see one almost every week this summer! I think they are such a beautiful reminder to appreciate the small things, and revel in the beauty that is nature.

6). This ice cream recipe


So good!

7). This shirt


8). Trail mornings


What things are you loving this Friday?




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  1. What a wonderful post! I love the hummingbird story….the plank time is very impressive…and if the spoon is missing, you know who took it!!


    Liked by 1 person

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