Chocolate Chip Cookie Chunk Nicecream

Something in me switches every summer where I can’t seem to get enough ice cream, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been able to control my ice cream craving a bit by consuming as many green smoothies as possible during the warm months. However, sometimes you just need a creamy, delicious, chocolatey treat.


Insert cookie chunks into banana ice cream.

This recipe is super simple, but one that I am in love with and wanted to share. Maybe you will fall in love with it too?



The recipe is super simple, and makes quite a large bowl/cup full.


1 frozen banana

about 1-4 Tbs coconut milk, or milk of choice

1 batch of these cookies (you’ll need an egg, nut butter, and chocolate chips)

First, make a batch of Amanda’s killer grain free chocolate chip cookies. These have been a favorite of mine for quite a while, and I can certainly attest to it being approved by boyfriends, friends, and people who don’t do health food treats. They literally taste like tollhouse cookies, without any junk. So good.

While cookies are cooling:

Blend one frozen banana with just enough coconut milk to get it moving. It helps to cut up the banana before you freeze it! Also, feel free to replace with whatever milk you absolutely love.

Pour banana “nice cream” into your favorite bowl or cup, add in 1-2 cookies. I liked to chunk them up and add them parfait style to nice cream. As in, one layer banana ice cream, add some cookies, and repeat the process.







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