California Road Trip Adventures

Last week I was lucky enough to join two friends on a road trip to California. Our goal was to meet a friend who is currently hiking the PCT. However, when someone is hiking the PCT, it can sometimes be hard to get ahold of them via phone/email/text. We left toward Yosemite without hearing from her, but hoping that somewhere along the way we could drive to her.

The drive from Salt Lake City to Yosemite was long, and mostly just through small towns across Nevada. The only highlight was driving through Humboldt National Forrest would provided some respite from the hundreds of miles of flat Nevada desert.

Arriving in Yosemite was absolutely magnificent. This is a place I had wanted to go for a long time, and one that I have always felt drawn to.  We arrived late Wednesday night during a Thunderstorm, and realized no one had brought a tent! Lucky enough, the Adventure program we all work for uses tarp shelters instead of tents, so we had tarps and cordage and built a shelter to sleep in for the night.

Fourth of July weekend in Yosemite was packed! I was not expecting to see so many people! Camp sites in the Valley were filling up quickly, and we decided our best bet was to camp outside the park, to avoid driving a bunch.

We spent our day in Yosemite exploring the valley though a 13-mile loop that went to El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, among other beautiful (& well known) scenes. Our hiking ended by walking though Camp 4, which was incredibly lively and felt more like a community than a campsite. Apparently it’s so popular (at least for the Fourth) that people have to wait in line at five in the morning just to get a spot! Crazy!






It was on Thursday that we finally got word from our friend on the PCT, who said she was finally in a town and was getting a rental car with some other hikers who were headed toward Monterey.

Then, we packed up camp and headed to Monterey!



Monterey was also pretty busy for the Fourth, but the weather was absolutely beautiful! This was another place in California I had not been to, so it was so fun to explore the town and hang out by the water!

It was such a great week of adventure!





How was your Fourth of July weekend?





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