Adventures Lately, Why I Became a Wilderness Guide


I sit here, in awe of this incredible life I have been able to create. I moved out to Utah over a year okay seeking adventure, and leading a life of my dreams. Here I am a year late, totally invested in this process. Though the week on, week off lifestyle of being a guide is really exhausting, and not sustainable in the long run, I can’t help but appreciate all the opportunities it has given me. I know being able to plan last minute adventures, and take off for a week at a time in a moments notice is not something I will be able to do very often in life. While bills, and obligations, and life gets in the way, I feel so blessed to have created the life I wanted to lead.

This summer has started out on a really wonderful, yet busy note! I’ve been on the move both on and off trail, and have had so many incredible opportunities to adventure thus far! Just this past month I was in North Carolina on the beach, Rhode Island, the Bay Area, and am soon going to be off to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail! Woah.

This past week on trail I was mountain biking with a wonderful group of girls! I’ve only been mountain biking twice before this week, so I was pretty nervous to facilitate technical skills to adolescents who had never been on a bike before. I was so blessed to have a co-guide who really had these skills on lock, and who I was able to learn so much from! I also was able to push through some of my own fears on the bike, which felt really incredible!

The weeks continue to challenge me emotionally, physically, and mentally! This is something that I so deeply love about being a wilderness guide, it is impossible to facilitate change and growth in others and not do so in yourself. Each week I learn, push myself, and am challenged in new ways. I push through challenge zones, and constantly realize I can handle so much more than I give myself credit for!

Now that I’m finally beginning my off week, I’m going to be off to California with some of the wonderful people I work with to hike part of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). We only have six days off, so their won’t be too much time to really get a feel for what hiking the PCT is like, but I am really excited to just get a glimpse of the trail and learn from others who are hiking it. I have mad respect for people who willingly spend so much time to hike that entire trail. Mad respect.

What adventures have you been up to lately?




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