Six Weeks Sugar-Free Challenge


I’ve mentioned that I’ve been traveling a lot these past three weeks, and had the most amazing time enjoying both coasts. However, the downside of all that travel was that I ate out a whole lot more than I typically do, and on the other side of this travel, I feel my body craving a cleanse of sorts.

Not a juice cleanse, or anything rigid. I’m just going to eliminate refined sugar from my diet for the next six weeks.

This year living in Utah, I’ve picked up eating patterns and habits that I would like to change. While I no longer partake in restriction, I wanted a challenge to help me focus more on what I’m putting into my body, and let go of some of the things which are currently harming it.

Refined sugar, for me, is a great place to take on a challenge. It’s something I have wanted to eliminate from my diet for quite a while, yet I never really found a way to do that. I don’t plan on cutting this out forever, and not eating the occasional treat. I am simply challenging myself to go six weeks without it, and reevaluate from there.

I also am not giving up other types of treats.


With the heat of Utah, and the lack of air conditioning in my house I imagine I will be eating lots of banana “(n)ice cream.” My treats will be focus around fruit, and more whole-food based sweets as opposed to refined sugar.

This challenge is coming from a place of just that, challenge, as opposed to restriction.

Yesterday marked day one, and I will keep you all updated as I go along!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday!


PS I saw the movie Inside Out this weekend, and it was so great! If you are looking for a way to brighten up your week, go see it! Bonus that it will come with lots of children’s laughter in the theater! ❤


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