How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Eating Habits

Have you ever sat down at your computer with a bag of food, and suddenly looked down and wondered where it all went? Or, maybe you are constantly eating at your desk, in front of the TV, or while working and you forget what your food even tasted like?


Incorporating a mindfulness practice with food means slowing down, tasting the food you eat, and in general finding more pleasure with your food. It’s easy to scarf down a bag of chips or cookies if you aren’t really thinking or being present with what you are doing. It’s much harder, if you are focused and enjoying the food slowly. You may even find that by slowing down, you don’t even like some of the foods you are eating!

I’m not going to give you a set of number of bites to chew or a time limit on how long your meals should be, I am however challenging you to slow down, be grateful, and taste the food you are putting into your mouth.

A few weeks ago I found myself feeling “out of control” with having sweets in my house. I kept going back for more, even though I knew I was full and I didn’t want anything. I had to take a deep breath, remove myself from the situation, and tell myself “I am fully in control of what I put in my body”

This mantra is something I’ve continued to use this past month whenever I feel like I can’t stop eating. Though sugar can trigger you to feel out of control, the truth is you are always in control. If I start feeling powerless around food, I often just give up or give in and let myself fall into a binge. If I am able to stop, remove myself, and say “I am in control” I am able to snap out of it. I become aware of my own power. I no longer feel powerless, and I allow myself to choose whether or not I want to put something in my body.

What do you do to add mindfulness to your eating habits?





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