My heart is exploding with gratitude

These past two weeks have been quite the whirlwind of emotions and locations. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to spend some time reconnecting with my best friends who live across the US, and to finally see my boyfriend after 4 months of being apart.


Needless to say, my intention to use June to focus on friendship has been going really well. The trip to North Carolina was kind of a last minute decision, but one that felt so necessary I bought my plane tickets without blinking an eye. I’m lucky enough to have incredibly welcoming friends who graciously opened their home to me. We had a wonderful week catching up, eating delicious food, and hitting the beach. Though the Outer Banks may not feel like home any more, it definitely is a wonderful place to get some sun and immense amounts of laughter. The saying that salt water heals everything certainly holds true for me.



We also found a most delicious juice cafe, which was the perfect post-beach meal. The downside to all my recent traveling has been that I haven’t been able to cook as much as normal. It was great to find a place that you could order healthy meals (and delicious green juices!) out on the go!


After my time on the Outer Banks, I flew up to Rhode Island to celebrate my boyfriend’s big accomplishment of completing Officer Candidate School. He’s been working so hard for twelve weeks, it was so great to finally celebrate all that he was able to overcome.


I must say my heart has been exploding with love and gratitude these past few weeks. There is something so different and special about being in person with friends and loved ones. Though I love keeping in touch with long-distance friends, taking time to meet each other in person is so necessary.

It’s these short, in-person meetings that keep long distance friendships and relationships thriving, and I’m grateful to go to beautiful places to do this.

What do you do to keep in touch with long-distance friends?




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